Biological Age Test

Why Do I Need to Know My Biological Age?

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Predict disease up to a decade in advance

Emagene Life Malaysia Functional Medicine


Respond to changes so that you can validate treatment plans

Emagene Life Malaysia Functional Medicine


Track in-person response to therapies and motivate patient

A. Predict

Knowing our biological age is like having a compass for our health journey. It provides a deeper understanding of how our lifestyle choices impact our overall well-being. While our chronological age ticks away steadily, our biological age can reveal whether we’re aging faster or slower due to factors like diet, exercise, and stress.

Created and developed by Duke University and Columbia University researchers, this advanced approach not only accurately forecasts one’s potential mortality and morbidity rates but also aids in comprehending your overall aging trajectory (for more detailed insights, click here). Within 7 years from testing those with a faster pace of aging are at a 56% increased risk of death and a 54% increased risk for diagnosis of a chronic disease. 

B. Validate’s cutting-edge biological test for aging presents one of the most precise tests available. This assessment also includes the DunedinPoAm, which is the same test used by the renowned Bryan Johnson – a Rejuvenation Athlete–to measure his aging in  Project Blueprint

Armed with knowledge from a biological age test,  we can make informed decisions to improve our health, slow the aging process, and potentially extend our years of vitality. It’s a powerful tool for proactive, personalized wellness, helping us steer toward a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

C. Motivate

With the insight gleaned from your biological age test, we will be able to predict and prevent potential chronic diseases through a bespoke programme of health initiatives, with a focus on the reversal of biological age. Our team of expert doctors has developed a range of health plans rooted in evidence and proven results, with thorough monitoring and tracking to keep you motivated and on track. This comprehensive program may encompass:

  1. Personalised diet plan
  2. Sleep optimization
  3. Lifestyle modification advice
  4. Nutritional supplementation (link to the nutritional & customised supplement landing page) that include, Senolytic, NMN, resveratrol, curcumin, etc. 
  5. Regenerative stem cell therapy (link to regenerative cell therapy landing page)
  6. Hormone optimization (link to hormone optimization landing page)
  7. Peptide therapy 
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