Functional Dignostics:

The UltimateTool For The Health Conscious

Assessing the Optimal Level of Health & Well-Being Using Functional Diagnostics

Functional laboratory testing and evaluation is an important part of gaining a more complete understanding of how your body works.Having the ability to test for imbalances instead of just guessing what biochemical, nutrient, microbial, hormonal, etc. imbalances are present is invaluable to creating the most targeted, individualized, and effective therapeutic strategy.

What if you have battled chronic pain or rashes for years without knowing the underlying reason for the problem?  Knowledge is power, and knowing why a particular disease state is present might be the most important factor in achieving optimal wellness. When we understand the “why,” we can employ a variety of approaches to correct the underlying imbalances. If we can correct the cause, the end result will be restored balance and optimal health. Additionally, baseline testing allows us to monitor progress and change treatment parameters as needed.

What is Functional Diagnostics?

In addition to standard blood testing, functional laboratory testing through specialty labs provides further understanding of why dysfunction is occurring and elucidates effective strategies to restore balance and improve symptoms and disease.

Functional laboratory testing may include blood, stool, urine, saliva, or hair samples to provide information about a person’s:

  • genetic predisposition
  • nutritional biochemistry
  • gut and microbiome health
  • food sensitivities 
  • environmental toxin burden
  • metabolism
  • lifestyle and dietary factors
  • immune status 
  • endocrine and hormonal status

With so many testing options available, it is possible to not only identify what disease is present but also obtain reliable and reproducible information to explain “why” and “what” led to the present state of the disease. 

As functional medicine providers, Emagene Life also provides a biological test for aging.  A simple blood test isn’t enough to give you an accurate picture of your health. Anti-aging lab tests can determine your body’s true age. Our bodies begin to function differently as we age. We could vouch for our good health and claim to be unaffected by aging. On a microscopic level however, our body systems may already be working differently. These effects may not be felt until they manifest as debilitating diseases and conditions.

You can examine your body’s current state using a biological test for aging. You can then take the necessary steps to improve your overall health with the help of the knowledge and expertise of functional medicine providers at Emagene Life. 

Under the care of our functional medicine providers and experts, you can also avoid things that can hasten the onset of age-related health problems and undertake treatments and therapies such as peptide therapies, hormone replacement therapy, and regenerative cell therapy.  Hormone replacement therapy in Malaysia for example, is regularly used to alleviate symptoms of menopause that can commonly be dismissed or under-recognised such as insomnia and fatigue. With functional diagnostics, make sure your health is never compromised again! 

Functional medicine Malaysia doctor

Dr. Shirley Koeh
08 March 2023

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