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A. Personalized Gut Health Testing Services

Digestive health impacts your health in vast ways; did you know that poor gut health can give rise to a cascade of other health concerns, from autoimmune diseases to mood disorders? 

Emagene.Life provides a revolutionary solution–the Personalized Gut Healing Protocol featuring the 4R framework: Remove, Repair, Replace, Rebalance.  

Our protocol includes an Emagene.Life Gut Health Assessment so you can find out:

  1. What food that is causing your symptoms, 
  2. Toxins that make your gut sick, 
  3. The state of your gut microbiome, 
  4. The best probiotic that suits your gut 
  5. Nutrients that you need to heal your gut.

B. Food Allergy & Sensitivity Test

Navigating an elimination diet to identify potential food triggers that exacerbate your gut symptoms can be quite a daunting task, especially when you’re uncertain about which foods to avoid. 

At, we offer an exceptionally comprehensive food allergy and sensitivity test designed to pinpoint the specific foods that elicit an immune response in your body.

gut microbiome testing

C. Gut Microbiome Testing Services

As responsible functional medicine providers, our commitment lies in tailoring the process to your individual needs through personalized gut microbiome testing services. 

A gut microbiome test entails the analysis of a stool sample to identify the spectrum and proportions of microorganisms present. It offers insights into your microbiome’s composition, detects the presence of yeast, fungi, or parasites in your stool, and measures significant markers that help diagnose leaky gut and inflammatory bowel disease. It also helps in our planning for your personalized health recommendations and customized probiotic strategies.

What Our Patients Say About Us
Very knowledgeable and professional advice on functional medicine from Dr Shirley. So helpful that my hormonal issue has improved so much better. Great service at the centre.

Shirmin Tan

Professional yet very warm. A scientific and medical approach unlike your typical wellness "clinics".

Dominic Teo

Super professional and knowledgeable. Now I have so much more clarity on how to take my health to the next level. Thank u so much!

Kandy Yau

I really like to come here for any kind of care, including prp profhilo and many more, and the injection does not feel painful, and I explain my physical examination report in detail, thanks to my most trusted Dr.Shirley❤️

Kyann Kuah

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