Heavy Metals Testing & Detoxification

Unseen Exposure to Heavy Metals
May Silently Sabotage Your Health

Emagene Life Malaysia Functional Medicine


Identify exposure to toxins and heavy metals

Emagene Life Malaysia Functional Medicine


Heavy metals testing identifies what you’ve been exposed

Emagene Life Malaysia Functional Medicine

Detox & Restore

Removes and restores your body’s natural protective mechanisms

A. Diagnose

Heavy metals toxicity, even in trace amounts, can disrupt your body’s natural processes and lead to a range of health issues. Your cognition can be at risk, as well as your immunity, joints, and gut can suffer from painful discomfort and digestive turmoil. That is why we must identify and address heavy metal exposure to prevent potential health risks that may arise. If you are experiencing unexplained symptoms such as headaches, or brain fog, it may be time to explore the potential presence of heavy metal toxicity in your surroundings.

B. Heavy Metals Testing

At Emagene.Life, our functional medicine provider will recommend appropriate heavy metal testing based on your medical history, symptoms as well as your blood profile. This may involve blood or urine analysis to determine your heavy metal levels accurately. 

Heavy metal testing involves the investigation of your body’s exposure to potentially toxic elements such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and more. These metals can accumulate in your body over time due to environmental exposure, dietary choices, and even certain workplace conditions.

heavy metals testing detoxification

C. Heavy Metals Detoxification Protocol

We embrace a holistic detoxification strategy going beyond merely eliminating toxins and heavy metals. We amplify your body’s intrinsic detoxification mechanisms, empowering it to maintain peak performance in dealing with the gradual buildup of everyday, subtle toxins. 

As a result, we will be able to restore your body’s balance and function, enhancing your overall well-being.

Our protocol involves a personalized detoxification plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan may include dietary adjustments, nutritional supplements, IV chelation, oral chelation, and lifestyle modifications.

Throughout your detoxification journey, our experienced functional medicine providers will closely monitor your progress. Regular check-ins and adjustments to your plan will ensure the process is safe and effective.

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Super professional and knowledgeable. Now I have so much more clarity on how to take my health to the next level. Thank u so much!

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I really like to come here for any kind of care, including prp profhilo and many more, and the injection does not feel painful, and I explain my physical examination report in detail, thanks to my most trusted Dr.Shirley❤️

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