Personalized Vitamins & Supplements:

That Help With Your Sleep

Quality sleep is foundational to good health and wellbeing. However, a good night’s sleep is an unattainable goal for many. Some common sleep problems include: 

  1. Difficulty falling asleep
  2. Waking up multiple times at night
  3. A lot of dreams 
  4. Waking up too early and can’t fall back into sleep

Do you know that this is all because your body is lacking the right kind of nutrition? It can be corrected by replacing or adding certain vitamins and supplements. You don’t have to suffer the consequences of poor sleep using common treatments such as sleeping pills. 

Why is supplementing you with the right nutrition better than taking a sleeping pill?

Causes addiction Will not cause any addiction
Drug tolerance – the longer you taking your sleeping pill, the higher dose you need

No tolerance build up

Can reduce dose from time to time 

Side effects No major side effects. In fact, it will have positive good results on the other aspects
Only control symptoms temporarilySolve the underlying sleep problems

The five best supplements that will help with your sleep are:

  1. Ashwagandha 
  2. Melatonin
  3. Tryptophan 
  4. Magnesium 
  5. L-theanine

Emagene Life’s personalized vitamins and supplements programme makes sure your goals and aims have been achieved for sleep can be reached. Using personalized vitamins and supplements tailored to your specific needs means your symptoms get better and, no additional fillers, preservatives, or additives are being consumed which is the case with many supplements commonly available on the market. Also due to the fact that you only need to take one pill each day, you won’t have a problem forgetting the supplement you need. 

Apart from sleep, personalized vitamins and supplements can help enhance, improve or regain your health and wellbeing no matter what your underlying condition is. From optimizing sleep to cancer healing to men’s sexual health and wellness, Emagene Life’s functional medicine experts treat you as the individual you are at costs that are commensurate with the quality of care you deserve. Cutting edge technology and treatments such as peptide therapy and hyperbaric oxygen healing therapy costs can escalate under poorly trained or unqualified provided. Not so with us! Contact us today for more information.

Functional medicine Malaysia doctor

Dr. Shirley Koeh
19 March 2023

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