Personalized Vitamins & Supplements:

The Future of Nutraceuticals

All of us know that as we age, our body’s gut absorption of nutrition reduces. We will not be able to get all the nutrition we need through our daily diet. 

Nutraceuticals play an important role in replacing or supplementing what your body needs on top of what you could absorb from your diet. 

Nutraceuticals play an important role in replacing or supplementing what your body needs on top of what you could absorb from your diet. You need to maintain an adequate supply of vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals in your diet to protect yourself from oxidative stress, aging, and illness.

However, most of the time we will be scratching our heads, standing in front of the supplement aisle, and wondering, “What do I really need?” Taking supplements without proper understanding of your body will lead to:

  1. Overdosing your body with unnecessary supplements.
  2. Unable to target what your body truly needs
  3. Additional intake of additives and preservatives
  4. Intake of additional fillers in the pills

Personalized Vitamins & Supplements: The Convenience of One Pill

At, our approach is revolutionary. We care about your health, so rather than asking you to take a bunch of supplement pills every day, we can perform a complete 360-degree analysis on you based on the following to create ONE SINGLE PILL for you and only you, based on these key parameters: 

  1. Your DNA report
  2. Your blood test reports
  3. Your symptoms
  4. Your complaints
  5. Your target goals
  6. Your daily lifestyles

With personalized vitamins and supplements, we make sure 

  1. Your objectives and targets have been met.
  2. Your symptoms improve.
  3. Your blood test results will improve.
  4. You are not consuming any additional additives, preservatives, or fillers.
  5. You will not have a problem forgetting the supplement that you need, as you only have one pill a day to take.

With, you will be able to see changes and improvements in your health. During your hectic working or studying schedule, you will not have headaches about what dose is correct or how much your body requires. You also don’t have to worry about being on top of the latest nutritional information and scientific research on personalized vitamins and supplements, as we do the work for you. It’s convenience in a bottle. 

Emagene Life are trusted functional medicine providers, using cutting edge technologies and treatments such as peptide therapy and regenerative stem cell therapy, alongside precision diagnostics to deliver beyond what customary medical practice offers to the public.  We are your personal health coach, taking care of your health so that you stay healthy and lead a life full of energy and joy. 

Functional medicine Malaysia doctor

Dr. Shirley Koeh
17 March 2023

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