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Emagene Life Malaysia Functional Medicine

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Emagene Life Malaysia Functional Medicine


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A. Customized Formulations

Tired of consuming a multitude of supplements daily? Embrace the simplicity of customized supplementation tailored to your unique needs. With personalized vitamins and supplements, you avoid overloading your system with unnecessary nutrients and avoid overspending and waste. 

Once you have been thoroughly assessed by our expert functional medicine providers, a formulation is designed based on your age, sex, blood results, underlying health conditions, genetics, dietary preferences, and lifestyle. This formulation typically includes specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or other nutrients that you might need in different concentrations than what’s commonly found in standard supplements. Customized formulations may also change with time to accommodate changing needs and goals so your formulations always remains relevant.   

B. Quality Assured

Our personalized vitamins and supplements are not mass-produced. They are designed specifically for you. Therefore, our formulations don’t contain any harmful filler ingredients, additives or even preservatives. All the sources have gone through third-party testing to ensure purity and quality, and that they are free of any contaminants. Our formulations also use compounds with better bioavailability so that your body can absorb and use the nutrients to the fullest. 

personalized vitamins and supplements

C. Transparent

Your custom vitamins and supplements will be clearly labeled, so you know exactly what the ingredients and its dosages.’s personalized vitamins and supplements pricing is also completely transparent. Only pay once you have seen the quotation, and you can expect to collect the supplements within 1-2 weeks time. 

What Our Patients Say About Us
Very knowledgeable and professional advice on functional medicine from Dr Shirley. So helpful that my hormonal issue has improved so much better. Great service at the centre.

Shirmin Tan

Professional yet very warm. A scientific and medical approach unlike your typical wellness "clinics".

Dominic Teo

Super professional and knowledgeable. Now I have so much more clarity on how to take my health to the next level. Thank u so much!

Kandy Yau

I really like to come here for any kind of care, including prp profhilo and many more, and the injection does not feel painful, and I explain my physical examination report in detail, thanks to my most trusted Dr.Shirley❤️

Kyann Kuah

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