My Near Death Recovery

My Testimonial: Everything in my world fell apart when I was diagnosed with the COVID-19 delta variant. My hopes were regained when Dr. Shirley helped me through the worst days of my life with her functional medicine techniques at Emagene Life. This place turned out to be the rays of sunshine in my darkest realm.
  My body shakes when I think about those days slowly taking the life out of me. Laying on my deathbed with my body rapidly degrading and my lungs heavily scarred and infected, I wished for nothing but a miracle to happen. The disease left a big hole in one of my lungs, which my COVID-19 Doctor suspected could be permanent. He was despaired as to how to help me with post-Covid complications. Imagine your Doctor did all he could for the sake of your health, but in the end, he got no positive outcomes. What would you do? Your fears would get multiplied by hundreds, with your hopes on the edge of a cliff almost falling off. You would find no way out. I felt the same after my COVID-19 specialist talked about the condition of my lungs and the uncertainties involved with it. Dr. Shirley was my savior, I must say. She understood my disease and lung condition and outlined a plan designed precisely for me. Her treatment protocol focused on treating the hole in my lung and rejuvenating my Life.
Before and After Covid
  Their healthcare services are patient-centered, so everyone gets their required treatment protocols. Since every human being is different from another, targeting the disease in the same manner in every individual will not be the correct technique. With the precision diagnostics, they help every patient with individualized plans. It aims to promote health, performance, well-being, and longevity in varied ways. Its services include post-Covid recovery, as was my case, and I found it very helpful in regaining my health. After three months of healthful treatment with them, the hole in my lung miraculously healed. I am now wholly living a healthy life without any concerns to be addressed, thanks to Emagene Life.

Dato Sri Elvin
23 July 2023

Before & After

Recovered after 3-Months

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