Why Routine Blood Test Aren’t Enough?

Catch the illness before it starts, so that we can stop it before it begins!

The 21st century is the era of chronic diseases. People are dying because of obesity, chronic diseases, and autoimmune disorders. People are getting sick because of the food that they eat and the lifestyle that they follow. This is the reason why routine medical checkups, which were designed ten years ago, are no longer adequate to catch early signs of diseases nowadays.

Healthy living styles make all the difference in diagnosing chronic illnesses! One standardized medical screening checkup can never fit all, considering an individual’s budget, family history, lifestyle, etc.

Why getting a biological test for aging is important?

Checkups are important, but a routine medical checkup may not be as effective in picking up “budding” (i.e. the early stage of) chronic diseases or early-stage cancer as you might think. Usually, by the time a routine check picked up something, diseases are at its full blown state.

We go beyond routine medical checkups in everyday life! 

We at Emagene Life are aware that no two people are the same. Each patient has a distinct medical history, and a single generic blood test cannot reveal everything. To fully understand your health and to prevent disease, we, as Malaysia’s top functional medicine providers, offer cutting-edge biological tests for aging as well as other precision diagnostic tests to aid prevention of disease before it can cause serious damage. 

Similarly, treatments such as regenerative stem cell therapy and peptide therapy offer access to a variety of services that not only are preventative and curative but will also keep you feeling and looking young on the inside as well as the outside. 

If you are looking to assuage fears of any future ailments or chronic disease, consider getting a biological test for aging for your peace of mind. 

Functional medicine Malaysia doctor

Dr. Shirley Koeh
03 March 2023

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